How To Choose The Best Water Treatment For Your Home

When one wants to install a water treatment systems in their home, there are several questions they ask themselves. Some of the questions one may ask include, knowing when they need the water treatment solution, which is the best water treatment solution among others. Here is how to choose the best water treatment for your home.

Choosing A Water Treatment For Your Home

Know what our water containsshower

This may be difficult for one to know by themselves. One will need to get a copy of their water quality report. This report analyzes all the components found in the water and their quantities as well. This report can be found at one’s local authority or utility. If such a report can’t be availed from such or no such authorities exist, one can have their water tested by an independent tester.

Make a decision of what components you want to be reduced

After finding your water quality report, one should decide on which components of the water they want to be reduced. This is a necessary step since each water treatment method depends on which component is being reduced. This is because not all filters are meant for reducing all the contaminants. This will need expert advice so that one can understand the effect that will be on the water after the contaminants have been removed or reduced. After knowing the components, one then goes for the certified water treatment method to address their concerns.

Comparing the water treatment options

There are various water treatment options for homes available. They depend on different things like the contaminants being removed. The kind one wants whether they are for treating all the water in the house or, for specific places. One can also go for the portable water treatment options like the water pitcher. They are classified as follows

The point of use systems

These water treatment solutions treat water at the point where you fetch it from. It includes methods such as the reverse osmosis systems and water pitchers.

The point of entry systems treats all the water in the house. This is because they are installed at the point where the water enters your home. This is mostly near the home’s water meter. Some of the systems used include the water softeners, whole house filters, and the UV microbiological systems.


One can then select their preferred water treatment option. This depends on their preferences and the kind of contaminant to be removed. Besides that, it will also depend on the cost of installation of the water treatment systems. When looking at the price, one should not only major on the cost of installation but also maintenance. Some require regular maintenance while others require less frequent maintenance. One should consider all these factors.

Water filters

water from sink For those who will settle on water filtration, they should know that these filters need regular maintenance regarding replacement of filters. The good thing is that some have indicators which will alert one that it is time for a change. This calls for one being familiar with their system so that they know when to carry out maintenance.…