Unspoken Moving Day Etiquette: Your Mover Will Appreciate These

Moving and settling in your new place is a fresh start, a new chapter in your life. But amidst the chaos of boxes and furniture, it’s easy to forget that movers are working tirelessly to ensure everything goes smoothly. We’ve talked to professional Long Distance Movers in Los Angeles, and they’ve confirmed this.

As you navigate this transition, there are some unspoken etiquette rules that your movers want you to know. From properly packing and labeling your belongings to showing appreciation for their hard work, these tips will ensure a seamless moving experience for everyone involved.

Before the Moving Day, Get Your Packing Job Done Right


Packing for a move is both an art and a science. It’s not just about throwing everything into boxes haphazardly; it’s about strategizing and organizing to ensure your belongings arrive at your new home in one piece. Start by gathering sturdy moving boxes of various sizes – think small for heavy items like books and larger ones for lighter objects such as linens or clothing.

Next comes the delicate task of wrapping fragile items with care. Bubble wrap, packing paper, or even towels can provide that extra layer of protection. Don’t forget to secure each box with packaging tape to prevent any mishaps during transit.

Declutter to Provide Easy, Hassle-Free Access

Did you know you can ensure a smooth and efficient move by decluttering your home before the big day arrives? Sounds simple yet effective, right? Decluttering not only helps you get organized but also provides easy, hassle-free access for your movers. Start by going through each room of your house and deciding what items you no longer need or want. Be ruthless in your decision-making process – if you haven’t used something in over a year, it might be time to let it go. Consider donating gently-used items or hosting a yard sale to lighten your load. When decluttering, keep in mind that clear pathways are essential for movers to navigate through your home with ease.

Label the Boxes and Keep Your Inventory List


Not only will doing this help you stay organized during the chaos of the moving day, but it will also make life easier for your movers. First things first – labeling those boxes. Take a few extra minutes to put a clear label on each box with its contents and the room it belongs to. This simple act can save you and your movers countless headaches when unpacking at your new place.

Now let’s talk about why this is important for your movers. When they arrive on a moving day – often faced with dozens (if not hundreds) of unmarked boxes – having clear labels makes their job much more efficient. They’ll know exactly where each box belongs in your new home and can unload accordingly without constantly asking you for guidance.

Tip Them Right and Leave Suitable Feedback for Them

These hardworking movers go above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition for you and your belongings. So, it’s only fair to show them appreciation by giving them a tip. But how much should you tip? Well, there isn’t an exact science to it, but the general rule of thumb is to give each mover around $20-$30 per person. Remember that tipping isn’t mandatory, but it is greatly appreciated. Movers work long hours hauling heavy furniture and boxes, so a little extra cash can go a long way in showing gratitude for their efforts. In addition to tipping, leaving suitable feedback is also essential. Whether you hired professional movers or enlisted the help of friends and family members, providing feedback helps improve their services in the future.

So when moving day finally arrives on your doorstep – take a deep breath. Embrace these unspoken rules with open arms (and maybe even some snacks) because by doing so, you’re setting yourself up for a smooth transition into your new home sweet home.…