Benefits Of Hiring Virtual Assistants You Should Know

Businesses are nowadays operating under intense pressure to cut costs, maximize revenue and grow their profits due to the tough economic trends. All these calls for some stringent measures to be taken that include minimizing the workforce and outsourcing some non-core functions. The business concentrates on just the core functions that directly earn revenue. In the process of outsourcing the non-core functions, the idea of virtual assistants comes in.

Virtual assistants are business associates working from locations outside the clients’ premises, usually from their homes, and offer administrative and technical support. A business that intends to hire a virtual assistant just needs to visit some website that will link it to some virtual assistants.

Benefits of using virtual assistants

Cost cutting

woman with mic There are several costs that you will save as a business by engaging the services of virtual assistants. These include rent for office space, health insurance covers, payroll taxes, staff welfare costs like foods and water, and equipment acquisition and maintenance costs. This does not mean you will enjoy less of the services as you would by having employees in your premises. You will also cut costs on pay to staff while on vacations, annual leave, sick leaves, maternity and paternity leaves, and other leaves.

Concentrating on core functions

Any business has the main function for which it was formed to perform and which generates revenue. Hiring a virtual assistant enables you to focus on your main tasks as you have other persons, who may even be better suited than you, to handle the other minor functions. A lawyer, for instance, will concentrate more on preparing his or her client’s litigation documents as a virtual assistant arranges his or her diary, sends communications, books appointments and types the documents. The work is done more quickly and mostly is of high quality as it is handled by a better qualified and experienced person.

Doing away with staff indiscipline issues

Any employer will at one point be faced with staff cases involving conflicts among themselves, work-place romance and rivalries. By having virtual assistants, all these are done away with. The several virtual assistants do not meet face to face, and will never have conflicts among themselves or with you as the employer.

Minimizing staff idle time

typingMost staff within your premises will have some idle time-whether necessary or unnecessary. They will have tea breaks, lunch breaks, time to refresh and to visit washrooms and others breaks which are all necessary though add no value to the business. The unnecessary idle times include time spent surfing the Internet, time spent gossiping, doing a private thing like applying for jobs during working hours and spending more than the required time on a task. Virtual assistants work on specific assignments and within strict timelines thus idle time is greatly minimized.

Flexible terms of engagement

Virtual assistants are hired on contract or a monthly or weekly basis. They also have flexible working schedules, availing themselves when you need them. You also have the benefit to drop a virtual assistant and hire another better one if after a few days or weeks you realize he is not up to the task.…